lyrics to go (part 4 of 7) “red leaves”

"The Lord did not make me impossible of error. All I've had to
offer you is the total dedication in serving you as best I know
how. And I've always leveled with you, and always will, knowing
full well that everyone will not agree with me."

Jesse Helms, campaign debate, News & Observer, July 30, 1984

“they’re speakin’ through me when the channel is clear (1)

and we got so much to tell you that you cannot bear (2)

for security i word it in proverbial form

when just a glimmer turned disturbed about a third of your dorm (3)

what they’re pawnin’ for accelerants to excellence will be a lesson

in free trade, let ’em eat cake for breakfast (4)

it’s better we put a bullet in the press and shoot the messenger

to send one back in defense of the attack (5)

second chapter drafted by the masterful, son

for those with hatchets and guns askin’ ‘what has to be done?’ (6)

what you become through the process is seminal to

the progress of the policy we institute

as it’s told, the goal is nothin’ but a milestone

soon as we annihilate the throne, we gon’ bring the rank-and-file home (7)

what’s sewn now will flower when the child’s grown

presently dial tone connects, let it be known: you’re not alone


silent brigade play the fanfare

you mountin’ up or you gon’ stand there?

saddle in and tie it tight

fighters of the rite are ridin’ tonight ( 8 )

inner circle, join the outfit

opposition gettin’ ousted

darkness ain’t gon’ hide you from light

fighters of the rite are ridin’ tonight

facin’ condemnation ipso facto (9)

it is no glasnost, the river of cash flow’s

dammed to churn turbines, can’t discern a word

i’m so deaf and left with my insight to survive (10)

born are we defective or perfection in flesh?

i may debate [the fact] your human nature is the product of the place of your rest (11)

not to suggest we’re ground in fallibility

but tread upon it when steppin’ inside impalpability (12)

my shadow fill me, up with fear – cup shallow make it easy on ’em

deepenin’ more often now to see the bottom

i solemnly swear to god i’m wallowin’ in mire

consequent to my desire fully competent to rectify a (13)

misstep – rip a stitch in your fish net

the mutinous movin’ this, who the midshipmen of kismet

land ho, a dead jam restriction on my vocab (14)

photographed pose, slow the rolls on your nomads

my militarism menace imperialism we’re given

minutes and kill ’em millin’ about without a mission, listen

argue and quibble the archetypical cure’s yours

heart in you brittle, the arc in the sickle bores forth (15)

you pen a bill and you’d better get familiar

really though what they spent on that fence around the basilica’s

senseless, indigenous citizens stripped of privilege

his eminent demiseimmigrants arise


the truest opportunists thrive in the maelstrom

and peddle logic of pedagogues, theodicy failed ’em (16)

the grant of a planned economy with stars in them eyes

behind the bars laws to keep the prophets marginalized (17)

the market supply’s entirely outta sync with the demand

the cost/price analysis invalid and banned

establish a brand, slap a tag of filth in the inseam ( 18 )

power to the plant, stream filter the benzine (19)

chuck call it hustlin’ culture, brother spoke to the (20)

frustrated folkers, they focused, now they’re phonin’ their brokers

how they go from the brokest to the dopest lotus whip is

so the shit, don’t trip – you can chauffeur this (21)

and when it stops, what you got to show for this?

silver go to tonto with all the other metals in the console (22)

mobbin’ on a comptroller holdin’ my thang

if it’s over we’re goin’ out with a bang, boy…” (23)


1) enough is enough, so lemme lay this out for you simple and plain: the “mainstream vs. underground” discussion is officially over. it has been for years, actually, though a handful of patient rap stewards have dutifully entertained the musings of the late-comers; never no more. from this point on, should you dare try to engage me in dialogue by opening with a leading, bent and leaning argument regarding “the current state of hiphop,” i am sure to pistol-whip you in the face before crankin’ that henry pym on your skull, subsequently makin’ it rain on your anything-but-conscious physical form… son! listen close – wayne, plies, T.I., yung berg and shawty lo are but a few of my minions working to put the plan in action; either tune into KUBE for the play-by-play analysis or don’t, but stop interfering with the grand scheme, goddammit – yOu’Re fUcKiN uP tEh rOtAtiOn, dAwG!

2) accept nothing at face value.

3) one of several references i’ve made to VA Tech since “the massacre.” to be very clear, i DO NOT condone murder under any circumstances, but if you’ve never bothered to look any farther than MSNBC for an explanation or motive behind the violence then you’ve cheated yourself of a fascinating perspective on contemporary institutional sociology; apathy is scary like a gun.

4) a couple bars dedicated to the hollister set, since it’s all they’re worth. do work, dummies.

5) oooh – what if, say instead of bitching and complaining about corporate media taking control of information and entertainment we, uh, did some shit about it? that’d be doap.

6) Lenin drafted his revolutionary pamphlet with a specific audience in mind, recognizing both the need and the desire for direction and leadership among the people. despite relentless commentary from a clique of idiots who would have you think otherwise, we been hittin’ bull’s eye on our target demographic from jump.

7) LOL @ 1/20/09 bumper stickers. until gilbert arenas really runs DC we can’t talk about change.

8 ) a reference to the fabled Night Riders of Kentucky, to whom so much of BPW owes inspiration. the rite, as it’s written, pertains to sacrifice.

9) what does it mean to be poor in america?

10) i heart inequality.

11) ah, the ol’ product of my environment dialectic – shout out to jim jones. given the juxtaposition of this piece alongside “oldham era,” the inference appears to present a blatant contradiction. in fact, the argument here is consistent with the persuasion throughout the album: the nature of the body is worldly and subject to the influence of man, space and time; the origin of the soul is divine and immortal, and though it is not immune to injury by way of reckless abandon, it is at no point a product of the environment.

12) my limitations are too numerous to mention, but the inability that ties us tightly together is directly connected to death – we are incompetent to fight this enemy, knowing full-well if we are somehow successful in thwarting its vengeance today, it only means tomorrow increases the odds in its favor. each of us hides behind a very thin veil of mortality; in the tumultuous current of a strong wind we are given glimpses of what lies beyond as we struggle to regain orientation (finding our east), but in the stillness we are driven mad by curiosity, some so severely they cast off the veil entirely and rush to experience a new existence, one never before adequately described by man. thus in achieving our supreme victory (depriving death of its crippling power of surprise) we commit the most grievous error.

13) previous 4 bars essentially a commentary on developing spiritual capacity. not all people are endowed with equal measures (no dirk diggler) – what’s important is that you work to fill the receptacle (lemme just stop now).

14) nothin’ more than a dig at the other big russ and his campaign to ban “ho.”

15) simply put, no more talkin’, just bring it on (cue “rappaz RN dainja”).

16) in case you haven’t noticed, shit’s gettin’ crazy out there, and the only folks offering up any advice for survival are ministers and money-managers. roll the dice, homeboy.

17) just to reiterate point #1, radio rap does serve a purpose, aiiiight? recognize it for what it is.

18 ) yes, i am guilty of irresponsible consumerism, to the point of inexcusable indiscretion (big shouts out to winner’s circle). my justification, twisted as it is: the market will not sustain these boutiques and their hunnit-dolla jeans, so instead of employing will power to resist the urge to splurge, i’ll just wait til the stores go outta business.

19) nod to the relationship between economy and ecology.

20) welcome to the terrordome, you nincompoop.

21) do you, d-boy – i aint mad atcha.

22) look how the sidekick done slid into a starring role. taking possession of the horse is personal; posterity’s cast in gold.

23) who among you has never contemplated the possibility this one pass may be all you get? the idea is perfectly pragmatic and terribly irrational at once. belief in the hereafter provides for me the slightest bit of contentment and self-restraint in the here and now, but the good lord knows just how much i sympathize with the agnostic. if i had but one life to live there’s no doubt i’d live it like sir richard branson, man. it’s funny how the ignorant presume to know what gems are bestowed by attaining enlightenment – i’m just sayin’, if i get there before you, you’d better watch yo nuggets.



  1. My third favorite song of all time and now it all makes sense.

  2. Amazingly constructed and spat, keep it up guys!

  3. You know I dont know how I feel about BPW and Tobacco Road.. I understand the concept of work, sacrifice and community, even rise against the power.. (8 ) a reference to the fabled Night Riders of Kentucky, to whom so much of BPW owes inspiration. the rite, as it’s written, pertains to sacrifice.) My problem is The Night Riders (“During the first decade, times began to get very tough for Kentucky tobacco farmers, particularly farmers of the “Black Patch” tobacco of Caldwell county. Small farmers were being starved by the monopoly of the Reynolds tobacco empire. Night Riders were formed to break the tobacco monopoly’s grip on prices. Unfortunately, the Night Rider Association was modeled after the Ku Klux Klan. It tore families apart and drove many black farmers out of the area.”) –
    From my studies alot of innocent black farmers were killed, beaten and stripped of their farms by the Night Riders.. The issue is not your fault, but to this day black farmers are having problems with the KKK and losing their farms..The place, the time, photo’s and metaphor resemblance is offensive to me and other’s I have let hear it, that know of the history.. There is alot of wounds that have never been healed with African American familes the south, and white folks.. This is Hip Hop and we still have something to do with it… WTF

  4. It’s simply amazing, one of my favorites, whit Poison, Slow Cure and sure.. black patch war, yo’re the One, bigup from spain!

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