size matters.

who needs a major when you’re rollin’ with the biggest label evar?!?

these folks hit me about participating in their campaign to draw attention to the Invisible Children Rescue Mission and i obliged.  i submit a track to their enormous compilation; all you have to do to DL the cut is register with the site, find my profile amidst a crapload of others, watch a short video about the organization efforts, then start all over.  at least that’s how it went for me and the homie.

so here’s what i’mma do:  i’ll give you the link to the song here, but just so that i’ve fulfilled any obligation to the folks puttin’ this thing together i’ll post a related video for you to peep.  that’s fair, right?

RA Scion – “kasase” – pronounced kuh-SAH-say

produced by MTK



  1. hey Ra, this is Ray from the interview out in Austin at SxSW. I just wanted to say thanks once again, and thank you for doing this type a project, it’s an inspiring and motivating thing to see you invest into a dope dope cause like this one, with the gifts and talents you got. Much love and once again a huge thanks!

  2. Good stuff.
    Man you should use ‘’ to upload songs you want us to download – it’s a lot easier and I’m sure there’s unlimited bandwidth.

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